Welcome to the Character Armory!

I decided to create a series of characters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I’ve found myself building some awesome NPCs for my campaigns, but I never do anything with them once they get their moment. This will act as an archive for myself and a tool for players looking to expand their character creation skills.

I consider myself a pretty decent builder of characters, and I wanted to create this series to show that you can be powerful and have fun at the same time. For the most part, I’m going to focus. I will, however, highlight min/max opportunities along the way and might build a few min/max characters because those can also be fun.

I use www.d20pfsrd.com as my source and all 3rd party options are open as long as they’re on the wiki since that’s how I run my campaigns. I allow any race and class, but I try to keep my RP points to less than 12 if I’m going into that system. I also allow 2 traits or 1 drawback and 3 traits. I usually have my players roll for stats, but most of my characters will be a standard 25 point buy. I’ll also usually start my characters at level 1, but I will sometimes make a higher level character if I’m going for a specific feat, prestige class, or archetype. I’ll also give you an idea of how it will play at level 20.

Each guide will contain the following sections:

I’ll present an idea that I have in my head for what I want to play. This will either be an idea I got from somewhere or I’ll be basing a character around a specific ability/feat item/spell. Coherency is the most important part of building a character that you can relate to.
Class selection
I’ll figure out what class and archetype. This might be covered in the theme section.
Race selection
I’ll weigh the pros and cons of various races. This might be covered in theme.
Ability Scores
I will outline the importance of each ability score and how they might alter your experience
I will point out what skills are needed and their order of importance. This will often determine what traits and feats we are looking for.
An often overlooked aspect of Pathfinder, there are many traits that can make or break your character (especially in the 3rd party sources). May be covered under theme, as I often find myself building characters around traits or drawbacks.
This is where the vision will come to life. Also sometimes covered under theme.
Pretty important if you’re a spellcaster
I will outline some items that would be nice to have, but I’m never going to build a character that is reliant on an item to be effective
I will outline some scenarios and give ideas how the character would behave under them.
Leveling Up
Here I’ll give some advice on things the character should be doing as they gain levels.
I’ll wrap up the character here and provide a downloadable sheet

The Character Armory